The Founding Members

On January 4th 1989, the Founding Members formally signed the Statute governing The Malta Hospice Movement. Prior to the signing, they had worked together as a Steering Committee with the goal of setting up a Hospice and Bereavement Service.
The Founding Members are:
Rev. Louis Camilleri
Mrs Vida Ellins
Mrs Kate Formosa
Mrs Delma Galea
Professor Joseph Muscat
Dr Peter Muscat
Mrs Helen Muscat
Mrs Theresa Naudi
Mrs Jennifer Pace
Dr. Victor Pace
The Founding Members assumed the role of the first Council of Management and the following were appointed officials.
Chair: Mrs Theresa Naudi
Vice Chair: Dr Peter Muscat
Treasurer: Mrs Jenny Pace
Secretary : Mrs Helen Tabone (co-opted)
At the Annual General Meeting members are elected or re-elected for a two year term.