On 12th May 1990  a ‘Twinning Charter’ was signed  by Dr Ray Corcoran, Medical Director, Hayward House, Macmillan Palliative Care Unit, Nottingham, UK and Mrs Theresa Naudi, Chair, The Malta Hospice Movement,  for and on behalf of their respective organisations.



The Malta Hospice Movement and Hayward House Macmillan Continuing Care Unit, Nottingham, England, having agreed to form a twinning arrangement, formally resolve:


1.To honour the twinning by developing and strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation with each other.


2. To implement the ties of friendship by maintaining a close interest in each other’s work and progress, by sharing experiences and new ideas and by providing mutual support and advice.


3. To translate the spirit of friendship and solidarity into practical terms such as will enable both institutions to provide a worthy Hospice Service to their respective communities.


4.  To promote the principles of palliative care in Malta, Great Britain and in all nations.


5. To encourage the education and training in Hospice care of all caring professionals.


The provisions of the charter were fulfilled through regular exchanges of staff and volunteers between the two units. Around 20 staff came from Hayward House at various times and about 30 staff and volunteers went over from Malta. We were thus  able to enhance our expertise by accompanying and working alongside and under the supervision of the experienced staff of Hayward House.


Dr Corcoran continued to be our mentor and for many years, his Unit and his Team were our major source of support, advice and training.