Bereavement Support

Following the death of a family member or a ‘significant other’, we are likely to experience a complex set of emotions, ranging from distress to severe emotional or physical pain. These feelings are a natural response to loss and may affect us on every level, whether physical, spiritual, psychological or social.
After death occurs, the nurse visits the family at least once. She offers our bereavement service, explaining that they may find it helpful in coming to terms with their loss.
Our bereavement support service includes:

  • Individual support
  • Support groups for adults
  • Support groups for adolescents
  • Support groups for children
  • Monthly Memorial Mass
  • Community education in coping with loss, mourning, grief and bereavement

Our services are delivered by professional staff together with volunteers who have undergone training and who are supervised by the staff.  Staff and volunteers are experienced in dealing with issues of loss, grief and bereavement. They have undergone training in the field and they keep abreast of current trends through regular attendance at courses and updates based locally and abroad.
We recognise that each grief experience is unique and so we strive to respond in a sensitive and compassionate manner, in order to empower individuals and families to respond positively to grief issues. In this way the experience of grief and loss can also be a time of reflection, change and personal growth.
Family members who have received bereavement support express great satisfaction and appreciation of the care they have received. They tell us that it has helped them pick up their lives again.
Families also appreciate the Memorial Mass to which we invite them three times in the first year of their bereavement. In 2012, 1311 persons attended this Mass.
During 2012, 32 persons attended the Bereavement Groups which are held four times a year whilst 102 persons benefited from the one-to-one bereavement sessions.
Hospice Malta is a leading organisation in the Maltese Islands in the provision of bereavement support and in the education of issues surrounding loss, grief and bereavement.