Day Care

Day care provides time out for patients and time off for work or respite, for carers. We currently receive patients at our Day Therapy Unit on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning. On Wednesday mornings hydrotherapy sessions are offered for those who wish and for whom it is beneficial. We can care for up to 20 patients at the Unit each morning.

Our Day Therapy Unit is run by a coordinator who plans a varied programme of activities and therapies and who is responsible for the smooth and effective running of the Unit.  A nurse is always available for nursing assessments. A team of volunteers assist in all the activities.

Our patients tell us that they have less energy to participate in the work and social activities that filled their lives hitherto. They tell us that at the Unit they find a renewed sense of self worth by learning new skills, by participating in shared activities, by benefiting from the various therapies we offer or simply by finding companionship and being valued.


Most of our patients are driven to the Unit in the personal car of volunteer drivers. We have a large team of drivers who commit themselves to certain days and times to drive patients to the Unit or to hospital appointments.

Volunteer Support

A number of trained volunteers help in various ways to run the Unit and to make the patients feel welcome and at home. Some of the tasks they undertake include reception duties, running the cafeteria, generally helping with the day’s activities or actually conducting the activity. This could be pottery, painting, sewing and others. Sometimes we organise an outing to some place of interest or to some place of recreation. These outings are very much looked forward to and enjoyed. On various occasions we invite a speaker to give a talk on an interesting subject, or a musician or singer to entertain us.
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Therapeutic Sessions
Our physiotherapist and occupational therapist conduct group sessions. They, together with the complementary therapist, are also available for individual sessions. The physiotherapist also attends the hydrotherapy sessions and helps people to exercise in the water, whilst the complementary therapist offers her skills on an individual basis.
Our facilities include a Parker Bath for frail or elderly patients or for those who for various reasons are unable to take a bath at home. We also offer salon services which are very popular.



Our Chaplain is available for a chat or for counselling. On special occasions he celebrates Holy Mass and brings the sacraments to any one who wants to receive them.


All that we offer at day care is geared to enhance well being and a sense of self worth and every one is free to participate or just be there.  

We always welcome new ideas for activities.