Family Support

We recognise that when someone is very ill everyone in the family is affected. Therefore we consider the family as the ‘unit of care’ and our care extends beyond the treatment and care of the patient to include the care and support of their families and significant others.
There are ways of helping with a wide range of difficulties that often accompany serious illness. Advice about practical and financial matters, money worries, benefits claims and housing problems. Our Social Workers are skilled in such matters and can network with other agencies.
Day care offers respite to the family once or twice weekly and our respite care service provides respite in the patient’s own home. The Children’s Summer Club provides a welcome break for both children and patients.
Spiritual support and bereavement support are also available for families and significant others. This can often simply mean helping them to talk through their fears and anxieties, to express their feelings about depression and helplessness, anger and grief.

Families of our patients tell us how helpful this support has been during a difficult time.