Home Care

Our Home Care service aims to help patients remain at home if that is what they wish. We do this by providing a whole package of care which is delivered by our multidisciplinary team.

How are our patients referred?
The Care Services Manager receives referrals and requests for Hospice care from GP’s, hospital doctors, paramedics, and from families themselves. In the latter instances, the Manager contacts the patient’s doctor who then formalises the referral. She assigns a key worker (usually a nurse) to each patient.
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Home Visits
The key worker visits the patient at home and takes the time to make a thorough assessment of the patient’s needs. She liaises with the referring doctor and because she is trained in palliative care, she suggests possible alternative drugs, or adjustment in the dosage which may be more helpful in bringing relief from pain. The key worker nurse assesses other symptoms and gives advice on how to control them. She visits according to need, reviewing, reassessing, and where possible, pre-empting symptoms.
In a calm, unhurried manner the nurse takes the time to help patients express their fears and anxieties using her listening skills to encourage the patient to talk freely.

Care Plan
At the following team meeting the key worker presents her assessment to the team and together they formulate a care plan according to the expressed and perceived needs of the patient.
Medical Assessment
The Hospice medical officer who is skilled in palliative care advises the team. With the referring doctor’s consent, he visits the patient at home, to advise on pain and symptom control.
Family Support
We consider the family to be ‘the unit of care’ and so the nurse will also talk and listen to the family, who may have their own fears and need for support. She will regularly assess for ‘at risk’ personality tendencies and will refer appropriately.
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Spiritual Support
All the team members are trained in assessing and addressing spiritual needs, such as questions about meaning of life issues. The Chaplain is available for counselling, for personal prayer and for administering the Sacraments.
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Bereavement Support
When a person dies, we recognise that it is normal to grieve and to experience a whole range of feelings. The home care nurse visits the family after the patient dies and offers them bereavement support if indicated and if they so wish.
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A Home Care package
The full range of Hospice services is available to all our home care patients according to their needs and choices. This includes day care with all its facilities, physiotherapy, complementary therapy, occupational therapy and hydrotherapy, loan of special equipment, respite care, advice on practical and financial matters, spiritual support and others.
If you would like to know more about one or another of our services you are very welcome to call us on 21440085/6.
Alternatively you may e-mail us at info@hospicemalta.org or visit us at 39 Good Shepherd Avenue, Balzan BZN1623