Spiritual Support

During times of illness and crisis, people may find that their spiritual needs increase. Spiritual and religious factors play an especially important role in a patient’s experience with life threatening illness. Everyone has a spiritual life and the spiritual element in each person can bring integration and wholeness to the emotional, the physical and the intellectual elements.
This can often be a time of questioning for the ill person.  What is the meaning of life…of my life?
We do not provide the answers, for the questions themselves are expressions of grief and loss. We find that listening, recognising what gives meaning to that particular person’s life, respecting this and including it in the plan of care, can be helpful.
Spiritual and religious beliefs may give hope and strength to patients and their families. Spiritual healing can happen when physical cure is not possible.

How do we help in spiritual healing?
We try to be honest, compassionate and sensitive. We recognise the reality of spiritual pain. We recognise that this can compound physical pain. We include spiritual concerns in the care plan. We respect the person’s belief system and provide access to spiritual and religious resources.
All the team members are trained to recognise and address spiritual issues. The Chaplain is available for counselling and to administer the Sacraments.