Day Therapy

The Hospice Day Therapy Unit, currently situated in Balzan, offers various activities to Hospice registered patients. These patients would also be using Home Care services.

Patients who spend a lot of time on their own either because they actually live alone or due to the main carer having to go to work, tend to become socially isolated. The Day therapy services provide a relief from social isolation and also peace of mind for the family members when at work during the morning. Referral to the Day Therapy Unit would also help the family especially the main carer to have some time to do errands and/or take a few hours break while the patient is at Hospice.

Presently the day therapy service is held on Tuesday and Friday from around 8:30 am till 12MD and on Thursdays from 8:30 am till 3 pm. Hydrotherapy sessions are held every Wednesday during the morning.

The Day Therapy Unit is run by Hospice’s Day Therapy Coordinator, together with the support of a number of volunteers. Patients are picked up from their residence and are taken back home by Hospice wheelchair accessible van or by transport provided by Hospice volunteer drivers. The transport service is essential so as to decrease further the burden on the relatives.

Day therapy activities include therapeutic sessions such as group and individual physiotherapy, group discussions and crafts. Social activities include outings, sharing small meals and snacks together and watching movies. The wellbeing of the Day therapy patients is also targeted through hairdressing and beautician service.

69 patients attend our Day Therapy Unit on a regular basis, 67 of which use our transport services.

The Day Therapy Unit will be part of St Michael’s Hospice Complex when this opens in 2021.  This move will enable Hospice to increase the present day therapy service by the introduction of day clinics including medical and nursing clinics.  A physiotherapy gym, complementary therapy room, counseling room, patient’s quiet room, group therapy room and also a Hairdressing and Beautician Salon will be included at the new premises. All these services will complement the community services and services within the inpatient unit.

“Testimonial: The Day Therapy unit provided me as my sister’s carer with the opportunity to work for a couple of hours each week while she was at the Day Therapy. This has helped me financially to make ends meet as well as giving me time to get out of the house and meet other people. Day therapy was a lifesaver for both of us at such a difficult time.

The look of happiness on my sister’s face every time that she was going to attend the day therapy was also a bonus and I will always remember my sister with that particular look of positive anticipation”

Can you spare an hour per week to offer a drive to patients? Volunteer with Hospice to drive a patient today!