Equipment Loan Service

At some stage during their illness, our patients require medical equipment that allows them to be treated and supported at home. Thanks to our inventory they can avail themselves of equipment loans.

It isn’t easy to care for patients at home especially without the proper equipment. We have a range of hospital equipment that can be used in the home to help patients be better cared for in their own home and support carers with difficult tasks.

We loan many types of equipment including wheelchairs, height-adjustable beds, reclining armchairs, commodes, syringe drivers, oxygen concentrators and other medical items that facilitates patient care within their own home for as long as possible. All our equipment is loaned out for free to hospice-registered patients.

The equipment is available for loan to patients with cancer, motor neurone disease, end of life cardiac, respiratory, liver and renal diseases.

The allocation of special equipment is provided in response to a nurse’s assessment and is part of the patient’s individualised care plan. The hospice team members, especially the nurse and physiotherapist, ensure that the equipment is clean, safe and that the relatives are able to use the equipment properly and keep it in good functioning order.

A typical equipment-loan scenario might involve a person with compromised mobility making use of a height adjustable bed and a reclining armchair so that she/he can stay out of bed and possibly move also to another room for part of the day. A wheelchair would also be useful to get around outside of their home when walking is not an option.

Another situation would be the need to control symptoms through a syringe driver if the patient cannot swallow tablets.

Quality of life both for the patient and the persons who are caring for her/him at home is immensely improved through this service.

To benefit from this service, you will need to be a registered Hospice patient. Please fill in our referral form for yourself or a relative here…

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