Home Care Assistant Service

Caring for a patient within their home 24/7 requires tremendous physical and psychological effort. The person who is caring for a seriously ill patient may be facing challenges such as fatigue, stress and change of routine on a regular basis. We provide care assistants at home to alleviate some of this burden on the carers.

Our nurses asses the situation and book the care assistants according to the need of the family using very specific criteria. The persons who are caring for the patient need time to rest, run errands or have time to go for a coffee or meet up with a friend while the carer is with the patient. Carers need physical and psychological rest and support too.

Our service is also essential if the person who is responsible for the patient needs to attend medical appointments or is admitted into hospital.  People who are taking care of a patient at home tend to dismiss their own health issues as they are often too busy caring for the patient to the detriment of their own health issues.

The Home Care assistant service is of utmost importance especially when it is the wish of the patient to remain at home. This service supports the persons who are taking care of the patient so they can better cope with their difficult long-term circumstance.


Your Donation will provide home visits to a patient with a serious illness and their carer today.