We deliver ‘free of charge’ home care service through a team of professionals including nurses, doctors, social workers, physiotherapist, complementary therapist, chaplain, and carers.  Patients suffering from cancer, motor neuron disease, and serious respiratory, cardiac, renal and liver diseases are all eligible for the service after diagnosis. Our care is also etended to their families.

Once a referral form is received, (available at the offices in Balzan or through the Hospice Malta website) is received, the patient or family is contacted within 24 hours. One of our nurses then visits the patient within 5 working days.  The patient is assessed for pain and symptom control and also for psychological, social and spiritual needs.

Each patient together with their family gets an individualized care plan. Our professional team will then follow up and amend the care plan on a regular basis, according to the patient’s ongoing needs.


Your Donation will provide home visits to a patient with a serious illness today.

Apart from regular visits by the team, the care plan would include:

  • Regular liaison with other professionals outside Hospice such as the patient’s family doctor, Hospital consultants, and doctors, social workers and physiotherapists. Communication with other agencies such as Commcare, various government departments, and other Non-Governmental organizations is maintained throughout the patient’s illness.
  • The loan of specialized equipment at the patient’s home to ensure that the patient remains as independent as possible and the family has all the equipment necessary to make it easier to care for the patient at home.
  • The patient is also provided with a care-assistant service to help prevent carer burn out and also to be of support during a crisis.
  • Patients would be supported by being driven to and from hospital appointments either with the help of volunteers who generously use their own cars or through Hospice vans for less mobile patients.
  • The after-hours on-call service is also available to offer advice and support by a qualified nurse after office hours (16:30 till 22:30 on Weekdays and 8:30 till 22:30 during the weekend and public holidays)

All the above-mentioned services help to keep patients within the community, often in their own homes or with relatives and avoid unnecessary hospitalization. The testimonial below was provided by one of our recent patient’s family.

“My husband was trying to cope with physical pain and various losses because of his illness. We were not seeing a way out of all this pain, sadness and stress. I was feeling helpless.

As soon as we called Hospice Malta we realized that something could be done to improve our situation.

The nurse and doctor managed to relieve the physical pain – The special bed helped my husband get in and out of bed and I could handle him without hurting myself in the process – We also received psychological support on how to cope with the situation and how to help our teenage children cope. The social worker helped us to with advice about our financial situation.

Through all this support we managed to feel empowered to cope, get on with our lives and managed to become even more bonded and close as a family.

Thank you Hospice!

Your Donation will provide home visits to a patient with a serious illness today.