Who’s who at Hospice

Our Dedicated Team

Committed to the set up and delivery of the best quality palliative care services to our patients

Hospice Founding Members

  • Rev. Louis Camilleri
  • Mrs Vida Ellins
  • Mrs Kate Formosa
  • Mrs Delma Galea
  • Professor Joseph Muscat
  • Dr Peter Muscat
  • Mrs Helen Muscat
  • Mrs Theresa Naudi
  • Mrs Jennifer Pace
  • Dr. Victor Pace

The Founding Members assumed the role of the first Council of Management and the following were appointed officials.

Chair: Mrs Theresa Naudi
Vice Chair: Dr Peter Muscat
Treasurer: Mrs Jenny Pace
Secretary : Mrs Helen Tabone (co-opted)


Mr Edgar Preca

Council of Administrators

Chairperson: Ms Maria Gatt
Vice Chair: Mr Ramon Muscat
Hon. Secretary: Ms Bernadette Bonnici Kind
Hon. Treasurer: Dr Robert Sammut


  • Ms Lora Cascun
  • Mr Marcel Cassar
  • Mr Vladimiro Comodini
  • Dr. Oriella DeGiovanni
  • Ms. Fleur Marie Ebejer
  • Ms. Miriam Muscat
  • Dr Vincent S. Zammit

The Council is the policy and decision-making body of the Movement. It is elected from among the members at the Annual General Meeting. The term of office is two years. The Members serve in a voluntary capacity and official posts are honorary.

Sub Committees


General Manager: Kenneth Delia
Care Services Manager: Ms Anna Frendo


 Care Services Team

Medical Doctors:

  • Dr. Jurgen Abela
  • Dr. Marius Caruana
  • Dr. John-Paul Tabone


  • Mary Grace Alakkad
  • Jacqueline Borg
  • Ruth Cachia DeGiovanni
  • Carmen Carta
  • Maryrose Cilia
  • Lara Suzanne Farrugia
  • Ruth Garrity
  • Christine Zammit
  • Josette Zerafa
  • Suzanne Scicluna
  • Alexandra Azzopardi

Social Workers: Gloria Spiteri, Maria Luisa Bugeja

Chaplain: Fr. Alfred Vassallo

Physiotherapist: Alban Cuka, Arianna Cutajar

Psychologist: Mark Piscopo

Complementary Therapist: Sherry Anastasi

Day Therapy Coordinator: Marthese Azzopardi

Respite Carers:

  • Jane Antonelli
  • Helen Taliana

Clerk: Mark Fiott

Drivers: Godfrey Formosa, Marco Vella

Fundraising Coordinator

  • Anabel Spiteri

Volunteers Coordinator

  • Stephanie Caruana

Administration Team

  • Alexandra Cortis
  • Maria Grech
  • Vladimir Vassallo

Supporting Staff

  • Joyce Camilleri
  • Anthony Cuschieri