Privacy Policy

This Policy discloses the ways Hospice Malta collects, records, processes and deletes data and information related to registered patients, staff and other members, volunteers and benefactors, in line with all applicable laws including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Personal data for which consent has been obtained

Personal data is controlled by Hospice Malta.  Hospice Malta processes all personal data lawfully and in a proportionate, fair and justified manner and in a way which recognizes, respects and protects the rights of individuals. These rights include the right to access, change and erase personal data as well as withdraw consent or object to how data is collected, used and saved personal information. Hospice Malta processes information solely for the purpose of:

  1. Service provision for Hospice’s patients
  2. Informing Hospice benefactors and Hospice members about Hospice services and events
  3. Informing Volunteers about volunteer opportunities, fundraising/other events and Hospice services
  4. Administrative requirements related to the employees

Information collected about patients and how Hospice uses it

Personal data and information is registered when patients consent to receive Hospice services (Referral Form C 001.1). The form provides for additional signature by the patient’s doctor when this is deemed to be in the patients’ interest. This data is used in order to provide full care as needed. A consent form is also in place for patients to be visited within local hospitals (Consent Form C004.2). Through this form, patients give consent to the Hospice Care team to exchange data with the hospital which is a prerequisite to the actual visit.

A consent form is also in place for information about patient, family member or significant other to be forwarded to third parties (agencies, government departments etc.) when such services are required by the patient/family member/significant other or when these services form an integral part of the patient’s care plan. (Consent form C 004.3)

As per the General Data Protection Regulations, data is to be kept for the minimum period possible. Unless requested in writing prior to the below mentioned periods, Hospice’s policy is to keep the above mentioned data as follows:

  • Patient data will be kept for a period of 5 years following death or discharge
  • Employee data will be kept for a period of 5 years after they are no longer employed with Hospice Malta
  • Volunteer data will be kept for a period of 1 year after they are no longer active volunteers
  • Benefactors can request in writing at any time to have their data removed from our records
  • Data on members is kept up to 2 years following non-renewal of the membership

Request for access to personal data

A written request is required to obtain information on the data held by Hospice Malta.  Clients/non-clients have the right to erase or change their personal information. A written request is also required for the erasure of data.


Hospice Malta Data Protection Officer

Dr Oriella De Giovanni
Tel: 21440085