No one could have ever foreseen what was to happen when the first Covid cases broke out in Asia. It was far away from home; it couldn’t possibly change our way of life in any way.

No one could have ever foreseen the immense tragedy that followed, the suffering, the helplessness, the grief, the loss and yet there was always hope for a better day. Hope that one day this would all be just a bad dream.

Truth be told, it was heart-breaking having to communicate to our passionate Volunteers that their role at Hospice Malta had to be halted. The disappointed was clear from many, but we as Hospice Malta had to ensure everyone’s safety first. Our Volunteers understood that.

Time went on, but the spirit of the Volunteers never faded. They kept reaching out. They kept asking for ways in which they could help, and contribute. You see, Volunteering at Hospice was a way of life for many Volunteers, and helping others was something they couldn’t live without. It was tough to say no I must admit, but their safety was our first priority.

To my surprise Volunteer applications kept coming in, and our Volunteering pool kept growing besides the ongoing pandemic that was going on. Going online helped.  It also helped us keep in regular contact through video calls with our Volunteers, for certain updates, news, and even some lectures and presentations; and you could tell they enjoyed the interaction!

And although scarce, in time, we also found small ways in which Volunteers could contribute from the comfort of their own home. Whether it was helping update certain databases, to aiding the fundraising department with calls. We even managed to adapt the reception area thanks to their help!

But the biggest contribution one could ever find was their constant support. Their spirit never faded; it grew! They kept supporting us throughout. Whether it was by simply sharing content from our Hospice Page on their social media walls, or even just speaking to a friend, and family, about initiatives we had launched. Every little helped immensely, and for that we are truly grateful.

We can’t wait for things to settle, to be able to see their faces one again. To see them passionately go about their business within Hospice walls helping in any way they can. There is so much left for us to do, and accomplish, together. And frankly, do what we do best… and that’s helping others!

For that day will come, and we will be ready.