Community Palliative Care Services

Throughout the year, over 1000 patients and their families benefit from Hospice services both during the illness and following the death of a loved one.

The multidisciplinary approach to co-ordination of care assists patients and families in understanding and regaining control over their care and in receiving further care in the setting most appropriate to their needs and resources, be it at home, hospital or nursing home. Through the team and the community based services offered, Hospice Malta offers a very high standard of palliative care to patients, thus maximizing the quality of their life and dignity throughout their illness.

The following are the services that Hospice Malta delivers:

Home Care

Hospice Malta’s multidisciplinary professional team performs assessments and follow up visits to give the necessary support and advice to patients and their family. Professionals include doctors, nurses, psychologist, social workers, complementary therapist, physiotherapist as well as Hospice’s Spiritual Director.

Day Therapy

Located within Hospice premises, staff and volunteers at the Day Therapy Unit offer various activities for patients who visit for a whole morning. This also acts as a form of respite care, allowing relatives of patients to leave their loved ones in a safe and secure environment for a short period of time. Various therapies are also carried out during these sessions.


Group and individual physiotherapy is carried out in the pool, allowing for patients to carry out some passive physical exercises, apart from similarly to the Day Therapy Unit, acting as respite for their relatives.

Respite Care

by care assistants – The care is delivered at the patient’s home to support and offer respite to the family. As of 2015, this service has been extended 24/7 care according to established admission criteria. This has already proven to be a very important service enabling patients to remain in their own home (and in turn reducing the need to use government hospital services) as well as enabling patients to be discharged from hospital earlier as the needed support is provided at their own home.

Patient transport

Delivered through special vans for wheelchair mobile patients and volunteer drivers with their private cars. One van is used solely for transporting of oncology Hospital patients. More than 200 patients make use of this service every year.

Loan of Equipment

This essential service enables patients living in their own home to be cared for with dignity and with as much independence as possible. Equipment ranges from walking sticks to electric beds and syringe drivers and is given to the patients following a detailed assessment of their needs.

Hospital support

as described above, this allows for follow up on Hospice patients, as well as support in devising discharge plans within the Hospital and referrals of new patients.

Children’s summer programme

This formal and detailed programme for children of patients and main carers is offered during the summer holidays for 10 weeks and involves different activities, games and outings as well as the socio-emotional help that could be required.

After hours On-Call support

Continuation of service after office hours is provided through the introduction of a telephone support line to patients and their families after hours till 10.30pm and all day (till 10.30pm) during weekends and public holidays.                          Sponsored by Social Impact Award

Psychological Service

As of 2015, the services of a psychologist are being offered to Hospice registered patients. Individual and group sessions are delivered by Hospice’s psychologist according to the patients’ needs.

Bereavement support

Targeting the psychosocial and emotional aspect, this is another important service enabling Hospice holistic care. Bereavement support is given to relatives and significant others through memorial service, one to one bereavement sessions as well as structured bereavement support groups. Apart from delivering the latter mentioned groups to relatives of Hospice registered patients, during the past year this service was also extended in the community through the various local parishes.