The boys at Lino Spiteri Foundation were entrusted to organise a Movember Awareness event by their female counterparts. Two main initiatives were organised as part of this awareness campaign. In order to reach more people, the team decided to organise a 21-day challenge on one of the team member’s Facebook Page called Peaceful Mind Joyful Life with the aim of raising more awareness on men’s health.

During these 21 days, the team was posting at least one post in relation to Movember and with the help of their female colleagues, these posts reached more than 18,000 individuals on the net.

Food is always an important ingredient when organising an event. As a result, towards the end of the month, the team also organised a Hot Dog Day for their colleagues at LSF. A digital menu was presented to the attendees so that everyone had the possibility of ordering their Hot Dog according to their liking and most preferred toppings. Further to this, homemade desserts were also served during the day.

Ultimately, €100 were collected in aid of Hospice Malta. Thank you for your participation and contribution towards this initiative!