On Tuesday 16th May, Hospice Malta held its 34th Annual General Meeting at the President’s Palace. The meeting served as a platform for Hospice Malta to update the public on its achievements, challenges faced, and upcoming initiatives.

Ms. Bernadette Bonnici Kind, Chairperson of Hospice Malta, addressed the distinguished guests, providing an update on the progress of the St. Michael Hospice project in Santa Venera. Despite encountering various challenges along the way, the committee overseeing the project demonstrated unwavering dedication, ensuring its continuous advancement. Ms. Bonnici Kind expressed confidence in the completion of the ambitious project this year, setting the stage for the seamless transition to the new facility.

Commitment by Hospice Malta to ensure that the St. Michael Hospice project is completed on time despite challenges

Hospice Malta will also proceed with establishing In-Patient Unit, a groundbreaking initiative requiring the recruitment of other skilled professionals. Ms. Bonnici Kind highlighted Hospice Malta’s recent visit to Hospices in the UK as part of the exercise targeting continuous networking and sharing of information on best practices.

During her address, Ms. Bonnici Kind emphasized the crucial role of continued fundraising efforts. The funds raised contribute to ongoing projects but also sustain the provision of free services to the community in Malta. She expressed gratitude towards the generous support received from the Maltese and Gozitan communities, as well as government bodies, the European Union, local businesses, and other local Foundations. She concluded her speech by commending the Board of Governors, staff members, and volunteers for their invaluable time and unwavering dedication to ensuring Hospice Malta’s continued provision of services to patients and their families free of charge.

Whilst showing the relevant statistical information for the year, Mr. Kenneth Delia, CEO of Hospice Malta, also shared poignant stories illustrating the transformative impact of Hospice Malta’s support on patients and their families. One such account featured a 68-year-old patient, a mother of four and grandmother of five, who availed herself of Hospice Malta’s services for approximately 10 months. Hospice Malta’s assistance significantly alleviated the burden on the patient and her family, ensuring attentive care through the range of palliative care services provided at the patient’s home.

Mr. Delia proudly acknowledged Hospice Malta’s accolades over the years, including six awards within the last decade. He highlighted the recent recognition of Gloria Spiteri as the prestigious Social Worker of the Year and Hospice Malta’s triumph in the recent “LovinMalta Social Media Awards” as the best NGO. These honors instill Hospice Malta with a profound sense of pride and determination to continue fulfilling its mission. Mr. Delia emphasized the immeasurable value of patient and family testimonials, which serve as a constant source of motivation.

During the meeting, Mr. Vladimiro Comodini, the Treasurer of Hospice Malta, presented the annual financial statements for the year ending December 2022. The financial audit report issued by auditors from Price Waterhouse Coopers affirmed the organization’s sound financial management and good governance.

The meeting ended with a reminder to the public, government and business community to continue making their donations and show their support to Hospice.