02 Jul

Focus on Home Care

The aim of Home care services is to enhance the quality of life and keep patients within the community setting through physical, psychological, social and spiritual support. New referrals are delegated to the nurses in the team and a primary assessment is carried out. During this first visit, the nurse takes a brief medical history and assesses the patient for uncontrolled pain and other symptoms. The psycho social and spiritual aspect of the patient and their carers are also addressed. An individualised...

Chairperson Ms Maria Gatt
01 Jul

Chairperson Ms Maria Gatt

Chairperson I would like to express my appreciation, gratitude and respect to my colleagues on the Board, to members of staff, volunteers and the numerous benefactors to the cause of Hospice. The tireless efforts of so many individuals over the years have made it possible to afford the best palliative care to so many patients in the community. Our sight is now set even further – to realize the long standing dream of having an inpatient unit within a modern, state...